Canaudit Inc, IT Security Audit professionals providing IT Auditing Services.

The Canaudit Philosophy

Canaudit is a firm that is globally focused on providing complete IT security and control. The Canaudit competitive advantage is found in our high-quality staff and in the value-enhanced delivery of our consulting products and services. It is our duty to continuously research and discover new methods of information control and security. Our mission is to transfer our knowledge, skills and resources to our clients and other partnered organizations, thereby enhancing controls and optimizing security worldwide.

Canaudit Guiding Principles

Client Commitment - Becoming successful requires focusing on our clients and understanding their needs. We anticipate, understand, meet and exceed our clients' needs and expectations to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.

Integrity In All We Do - Our actions and decisions reflect the highest ethical, legal and professional standards.

Excellence Through Quality - Quality is the cornerstone of all our activities. We seek the highest quality information, decisions and people to achieve excellence as a company.

Staffing Excellence - Our team structure provides opportunities for Canaudit staff to impact the direction of the organization, to gain broader perspective about other functions within Canaudit and to realize their full potential.

The Canaudit Ethics Commitment

Integrity is integral in our corporate culture. It has always been paramount in everything we do, from the employees we hire, to the relationships we have with our clients.

We are committed to your complete and total IT security. You are not just another contract to us. We take our work for you seriously, and you will have our full and undivided attention.

Our billing practices are straightforward. You will always know our fees in advance and it will always be the amount agreed upon. There are never service charges or transaction fees to surprise you.

We work hard to ensure you get the lowest reasonable rates for all reimbursable expenses, and all savings are passed directly on to you. All expenses are fully disclosed, and free from hidden profit centers.

We provide a rare service in our industry - free post-project phone and email consultation. You will never have to worry about after-the-fact fees.

A senior staff member, empowered to provide impeccable service, leads every Canaudit team. This hands-on manager oversees all work by Canaudit team members.

We only market products that are our own. When we give a recommendation, you can be assured that we are unbiased. We do not have alliances with other companies, nor kickbacks, commissions or referral fees from vendors. Our sole motivation in making recommendations is that your organization be as secure as possible.

The Canaudit Commitment

We are committed to providing our clients with information technology training and services that fit their individual requirements. This is demonstrated by our promise to providing genuine and true value to our clients. We strive to constantly exceed client expectations for quality and value.

We are devoted to our employees, the backbone of our company. This devotion is demonstrated by our interest in their professional growth. We offer our technicians numerous training and professional development programs, by placing them in client environments where they can thrive and contribute their best in order to build a rewarding, long-term professional career. Our dedication to our staff builds the best consultants for your business needs.

We are committed to having the best combination of professional staff, audit techniques and software to perform audits in our client environments. We deliver results that consistently exceed our clients' expectations, which is one reason for our high client-retention rate.

We are steadfast to our hallmarks, including our distinguished brand, our heritage of integrity and teamwork, and our advanced skills.

We are dedicated to our long-term strategic plan, which calls for continued, high-quality growth, yet we will always hold firm to the vision and values that have made us the preferred service provider for key accounts in a number of major industries.

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