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The Canaudit Team

Kevin Kalbfleish - Manager, Security and Audit Services

Kevin Kalbfleish is a Manager of Security and Audit Services at Canaudit and has been with the company for over four years. He specializes in internal and external network penetration techniques. he is particularly adept at identifying control weakness in the Windows and database environment and external-facing systems. He is a former United States Marine with an extensive IT background and is currently pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems. Prior to joining Canaudit, Kevin had six years of IT-related experience maintaining a regulated information systems environment at a global medical products and services company.

Jonathan Carr - Security and Audit Specialist

Jonathan Carr is a Security and Audit Specialist at Canaudit and has been with the company for over two years. He specializes in internal and external network penetration techniques. His main focus is networking devices, databases and modems. He is particularly adept and knowledgeable in compromise methods for networking devices and databases, and is able to readily identify sensitive data files within the network on these systems and devices. With some aid of special software, he also performs external modem hunts to identify and classify modems, following with a risk assessment of each individual modem. Once a modem is identified and quantified, he uses the necessary specific skills and tools to gain access to the internal network. Prior to his work at Canaudit, he was in a managerial position overseeing a team of four and performing quality control duties. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from California State University of Northridge and is familiar with Perl, C++, web development languages and SQL.

Adrian Hernandez - Security and Audit Specialist

Adrian Hernandez is a Security and Audit Specialist at Canaudit and is the newest member of the Canaudit team. He specializes in the areas of penetration testing, web applications, and Windows security and mobile device vulnerabilities.

Prior to joining Canaudit he held a variety of Information Technology (IT) positions within both the public and private sectors. As a former Marine, he served as an Information Systems Specialist tasked with deploying and maintaining a number of unclassified, secret and top secret networks. His time in the military provided him experience working with a variety of large, complex and unique network environments.

After concluding his service, he worked for a private organization which provided IT services for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In this capacity he supervised and coordinated the activities of help desk personnel, provided guidance to management on streamlining and optimizing system and software deployment, as well as provided end user and help desk staff training, process and procedure development, and end user support. These duties provided him a detailed knowledge of quality assurance and incident management, escalation and notification.

Adrian holds a Security+ certification, and is familiar with various programming languages such as Java, C++, JavaScript, and SQL.

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