Data Breaches: Paths and Prevention

This session will utilize industry reports and live demonstrations to explore how data breaches occur, how attacker tools and techniques are evolving and how individuals and organizations can protect themselves. The session will begin with an exploration of industry respected reports concerning breaches and attacks. This exploration will provide attendees with valuable resources concerning malicious activity and trends, challenge their preconceived notions and provide firm guidance as to where remediation efforts should be focused. Common vulnerabilities and techniques cited in these reports will be correlated with high profile breaches and reinforced through live demonstrations.

Attendees will be provided live breach scenario demonstrations that start from the initial attack and culminate in data exportation. With each vulnerability discussion and attack scenario demonstration attendees will also be provided mitigating controls that could be enacted on a personal or organizational level to impede the attacker.

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32Data Breaches: Paths and Prevention
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