About Canaudit

Canaudit, Inc. pioneered solutions for modern information security and control. Our firm was founded in 1985 to provide professional development and consulting services to the international security and audit communities. We have earned our solid reputation over three decades, much longer than most other IT audit and security consulting firms have been in business.

Today, Canaudit is a leader in its field and has developed several related services and products to serve the global information control and security industry. Focused on providing complete information control and security, we have grown and prospered through the development of new procedures for the audit, testing and review of complex technologies.

We are committed to providing genuine value through tailored information technology training and services. We consistently deliver results that exceed client expectations for quality and value and will always hold firm to the vision that has made Canaudit the preferred service provider in a number of major organizations. We provide security and audit consulting services, specializing in network penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, to a wide variety of organizations, from medium-sized local companies to Fortune 500 and international organizations. Our expertise spans many industries, including banking and other financial services, education, retail, manufacturing, utilities, health care, and local and federal government.

Canaudit hallmarks include a distinguished brand, a heritage of integrity and teamwork, and advanced technical skills. We are proud of the long-term relationships that we have enjoyed with our clients, our employees, and our global partners. Canaudit, Inc. is a privately held California corporation, located in Burbank, California.

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