Change Management Audit

Change within the IT production environment is a natural course of business operations. Without the ability to effectively manage change, an organization faces information technology challenges that can negatively impact its core systems. The implications of incorrectly implementing a change into an organization’s production environment could lead to a potential security breach that could result in not only negative publicity but also regulatory sanctions. Organizations which lack a formal change management process run a significant risk of unauthorized changes being introduced into the production environment. A properly executed change management program will ensure that standardized and well-tested procedures will be utilized for efficient, safe and prompt changes within the IT environment.

Canaudit understands the importance of taking a systematic approach while planning, implementing and assuring that proper channels are utilized for every change. We can help provide the assurance that your organization has a robust process in place to ensure that changes to the IT production environment do not disrupt business or introduce insecurity. Through policy and procedure analysis, interviews, and the analysis of relevant logs, Canaudit will identify how your change management process can be made more effective and ensure that requested changes are safe prior to deployment.

Our change management audit will provide assurance of the following:

  • Change Management Documentation
  • Formal Process for Change Requests
  • Emergency Change Policy
  • Separation of Duties
  • Change Implementation Analysis
  • Validation Procedure
  • Change Withdrawal Plan
  • Adherence to Change Program and Controls
  • Software and Hardware Maintenance Documentation
  • Objective Evaluation Process
  • Change Management Program Updates
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