At Canaudit, we collaborate with our clients to create targeted solutions to the unique business challenges each faces as relates to information security and compliance. Our PCI DSS 3.1 gap analysis provides an organization with the tools necessary to be in line with industry benchmarks.

Our PCI DSS 3.1 gap analysis takes a pragmatic and prioritized approach to observing best practices while making compliance manageable. In addition to an on-site review of IT infrastructure, network design, application architecture and general IT controls, our PCI DSS 3.1 gap analysis services include review of the following:

  • Applicable PCI DSS Compliance Requirements
  • Scope of Cardholder Data Environment (CDE)
  • In-Scope Devices and Networks
  • Data Flow Process
  • Asset Inventory
  • System Inventory
  • Network Diagram
  • Business Processes
  • Existing Information Security Management System
  • High Risk Areas and Their Business Impact
  • Third-Party Vendor Dependencies
  • Current Cardholder Data Processes

A PCI gap analysis is a critical road map for organizations that process credit card payments and store cardholder data to move towards compliance. Our reports outline all of our findings in technical detail with a comprehensive risk analysis, including Executive overviews of the major issues standing in the way of compliance.

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