The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) is a federal mandate that requires IT security controls assessments and encourages accountability, reduces fraud, and establishes independent oversight. Among other provisions, Section 302 of the Act requires the assessment and reporting on the effectiveness of internal controls and Section 404 requires an annual assessment and report of an organization’s internal controls to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The core purpose is to provide accountability and reliability in corporate disclosures.

While SOX does not create a rigid framework for compliance, it does require IT general controls to be in place when dealing with financial data. Institutions that wish to adhere to best practices should consider:

  • Proactive Risk Assessment and Remediation
  • Forensic Analysis Procedures
  • Activity Monitoring
  • SSL Implementation
  • Evaluation of Security Awareness
  • Incident Response Protocols
  • Security Benchmarks
  • Validation Protocols
  • Multi-Tier Access

At Canaudit, our approach focuses on helping organizations improve their security posture while achieving and maintaining compliance. We believe that testing should go beyond regulatory benchmarks that can sometimes be ambiguous, leaving you open to regulatory scrutiny. We provide a thorough analysis of risk through first-hand knowledge of modern IT vulnerabilities and help you navigate regulatory requirements that encompass more than meets the eye.

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