IS Auditing for Integrated Auditors

The IS Auditing for Integrated Auditors seminar is targeted to integrated or financial auditors preparing to perform a general controls review of a small data center or a series of local area networks. Participants will gain an understanding of the risks facing small and medium-sized data centers as well as the controls required to mitigate these risks. In addition, participants will learn our Cooperative Audit Approach for the general controls audit. This COSO-compliant approach uses a series of checklists to assist in gathering information and documenting critical information system controls before the fieldwork begins. The fieldwork consists of interviews and audit testing to provide solid examples of control weaknesses.

A series of risk and control tables, provided for each audit module, helps auditors summarize the risks, suggest viable controls and report audit issues. Coverage includes physical security, logical security and access control, administrative procedures, backup, recovery and business continuance. This seminar is the perfect how-to primer for auditors embarking on their first review of small LANs or small to medium-sized data centers.

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